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Oder­matt looks into the cry­stal balls

Shortly before that for an inter­view in Salz­burg and almost 24 hours later at his out­fit­ter and ski manu­fac­tu­rer Stöckli at the head­quar­ters in Mal­ters.

As usual, rela­xed and with a smile on his face, 24-year-old Marco Oder­matt tal­ked about his days after win­ning the over­all World Cup and pre­sen­ted his latest achie­ve­ments — the two cry­stal balls. Along­side Oder­matt, these were the stars of the day. Per­fectly pla­ced on a WALDIS Premium 1200, the two tro­phies attrac­ted ever­yo­ne’s atten­tion.

On the occa­sion of Oder­mat­t’s out­stan­ding vic­tory tour, Stöckli also came up with some­thing very spe­cial: To match the WALDIS safe with black high-gloss finish and gold-pla­ted fit­tings, the ski manu­fac­tu­rer laun­ched the Laser WRT Pro in the Gold Edi­tion with a edi­tion of 100 pie­ces, of which Marco Oder­matt appro­pria­tely got num­ber 1.

For the young man from Nid­wal­den, howe­ver, the work does not end with the end of the cur­rent World Cup sea­son — and he con­ti­nues to train dili­gently even after the ski sea­son. Always with the goal of beco­ming a little bet­ter in order to fill the WALDIS Tresor with fur­ther awards.