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Be inspi­red by ideas and crea­tive solu­ti­ons and share your dreams for your safe with us. We can brea­the life into your plans and con­cepts – anything is pos­si­ble. Ideas are there to be made a rea­lity.

WALDIS Premium 1500 with jewel­lery trays

Design Luxustresor
Schmucktresor Premium Tresor
Design Schmucktresor

The strikin­gly desi­gned WALDIS Premium, with its various pull-out jewe­lery dra­wers, offers the per­fect place to store valuable pie­ces that deserve the best pos­si­ble pro­tec­tion.

WALDIS Business 1000 with jewelry trays

WALDIS Tresor Idee
Tresor Design elegant
Tresor zur Schmuckaufbewahrung

Equip­ped with two jewelry trays and seve­ral adjusta­ble shel­ves, this safe offers the ideal place for sto­ring valu­ables. In addi­tion to the high level of secu­rity, it also impres­ses with its uni­que color and attrac­tive design.

WALDIS Premium 1500 with LED and dra­wers

Premium Tresor mit LED und Schubladen
Premium Tresor mit LED und Schubladen
Premium Tresor Design mit LED und Schubladen

The design of this WALDIS premium safe is kept simple on the out­side. Inside, it offers ple­nty of space for sto­ring important items. It is equip­ped with 4 spa­cious dra­wers and modern LED light­ing.

WALDIS Eco 801 with clock con­sole and LED

This red WALDIS Eco not only shi­nes from the out­side, but also from the inside. There we hel­ped with some LEDs, which per­fectly illu­mi­nate the 3 watch wind­ers and the rest of the inte­rior. In this way, the pie­ces of jewelry stored in it will be beau­tifully pre­sen­ted in the futureht.

WALDIS Business 801 agate grey

Simple is beau­tiful too! The WALDIS Business in the RAL color agate gray inte­gra­tes per­fectly into any envi­ron­ment thanks to its unob­tru­sive, beau­tiful color tone. It does­n’t mat­ter whe­ther it’s an office or a living room, you won’t go wrong with this safe color.

WALDIS Business 801 with black fit­tings

Safe in oranger Tresorfarbe mit exklusivem Design

This exclu­sive WALDIS Business shi­nes in a strong orange. In con­trast to this are the deep black fit­tings on the lock and on the safe handle. With this com­bi­na­tion, the hearts of all Har­ley-David­son fans will pro­ba­bly beat faster.

WALDIS Premium 1200 with watch wind­ers and LED

This WALDIS Premium appears in royal blue. The clock con­sole with chrome steel bezel offers space for 12 mecha­ni­cal clocks. In addi­tion, there is still enough space in the safe for other valu­ables that are valuable to you.

WALDIS Premium with woo­den inte­rior for your watch coll­ec­tion

Luxus Tresor mit edlem Innenausbau aus Holz

This WALDIS premium luxury safe on a base has an inte­rior made of fine wal­nut wood and the finest Alcant­ara. With its 7 dra­wers, the safe offers space and com­part­ments for 126 watches. A real eye-cat­cher!

WALDIS Eco 550 with jewe­lery and pull-out tray

Pinker Waldis Tresor
Pinker kleiner Tresor geöffnet mit Schmucktablar WALDIS

Small but great! The WALDIS Eco may be the smal­lest in the WALDIS family, but with this bright safe color it is anything but incon­spi­cuous. Jewe­lery and valu­ables find a safe place in this cer­ti­fied safe. Equip­ped with a jewelry tray, ever­ything has its place and is also attrac­tively pre­sen­ted.

WALDIS Business 802 with spe­cial paint­work

Waldis Tresor mit blauer metallic lackierung in bmw farbe

With the WALDIS Business in the BMW color “Blue Ridge Moun­tain Metal­lic”, your dream color can not only shine in the garage but also on your design safe. So your most valuable things — maybe even your car keys — are always kept safe.

WALDIS Business 801 with woo­den inte­rior and watch wind­ers

Tresor Waldis Business grün mit Olivenholz und Uhrenbeweger
Innenausbau Tresor Waldis mit Schubladen aus Olivenholz
Tresor Waldis Business mit Olivenholz und Uhrenbeweger

What a beau­tiful com­bi­na­tion — the WALDIS Business safe is pain­ted leaf green on the out­side and has an inte­rior made of olive wood. This allows watches and jewe­lery to pre­sent them­sel­ves from their most beau­tiful side and is also excel­lently pro­tec­ted.

WALDIS Business 1200 high gloss with gold fit­tings

Luxuriöser Tresor mit vergoldeter Ausführung

This black WALDIS Business high-gloss safe has gold fit­tings and is desi­gned in the Mat­ter­horn motif. On a base with 16 watch wind­ers inside, it always con­ju­res up a smile on your face, whe­ther clo­sed or open.

WALDIS First 1000 with woo­den inte­rior fit­tings, deco­ra­tive inserts and micro­fibre lining

geöffneter Tresor mit H
Schublade mit Schm

Per­fect color matching bet­ween the exte­rior of the WALDIS First and the finely craf­ted woo­den inte­rior for your uni­que pie­ces of jewel­lery. With modern LED inte­rior light­ing, they appear in the best light.

WALDIS Business 801 Air­brush with Edel­weiss pat­tern

hellblauer tresor mit edelweissmuster
hellblauer Tresor mit Sockel und Airbrush im Edelweiss-Muster

A safe can also be very indi­vi­dual — for exam­ple with a uni­que air­brush finish. There are really no limits to your ima­gi­na­tion here. This WALDIS Business is ador­ned with the typi­cal Swiss Edel­weiss pat­tern.

WALDIS Premium 1200 with gold pla­ting

Samt Ausführung Tresor Schubladen Inneneinrichtungen
schwarzer Tresor geöffnet Innenausbau auf Ziricotenholz

With its black high-gloss finish and the 24 carat gold-pla­ted ele­ments, this WALDIS Premium has a noble appear­ance. The extra­or­di­nary pre­cious wood, from which the high-qua­lity inte­rior was made, comes from the Ziri­cote.

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